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90s progmetal from Germany

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Andreas Jäger †
Bass & Trombone

Regrettably, Andi did not have a long musical history after SILENT LUCIDITY, though being the most sophisticated amongst the band members.
In the beginning working as a brass band's orchestral leader, his worsening health condition made this impossible around 2008.
We had to leave him behind in 2015 … Andi, we are still missing you, your sense of humor, your love of life, your musical genious. R.I.P.
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Jens-Christoph Maurer

JC has been the most active among the remaining band members.
Starting with Shades of Grey in the early 2000s he was always welcome as "keeper of all rhythmic keys" in every musical situation.
Other projects with his participation well worth mentioning were crossovering Soulrocka and NDH band St. Zion together with Volker on guitars.
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Joachim Reichl
Guitars & Vocals

Jo was only silently acting in the musical territory teaching high school students that there was more than simply playing an instrument … being part of a band.
His musical activity thus mainly shifted to the bass sector, playing in Jazz and modern pop and rock bands together with his students.
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Volker Zeeb

Volker always stayed busy musically writing tracks and working as backing musician in several projects.
First together rocking the house together with JC at Soulrocka they together founded the NDH band St. Zion in which he worked as main songwriter. They released two well received EPs.
JC, Jo and Volker have always stayed in contact, contantly exchanging musical experience and ideas as well as meeting on a irregular basis mostly at concerts of current prog and metal bands like Leprous, Pain of Salvation, Opeth, Katatonia, Between the Buried and Me, Mastodon, Tesseract, Gojira or Meshuggah, etc.
Having regular fulltime jobs and families has kept them from starting new musical projects together … by now.
information | facts about Silent Lucidity

The story of the band began in 1990, when Joachim Reichl and Jens-Christoph Maurer got together to realize their unusual ideas of music. After a long search for musicians who have the same musical ideas as well as matching personalities the final line-up was playing together from 1992 on. SILENT LUCIDITY, the name they originally chose for this project and which expressed their thoughts and beliefs best, remained their band name until their split in 1998.
The band offers an uncommon progmetal, constantly developing into new musical directions. In addition the demanding lyrics represent an important part of the music. SILENT LUCIDITY combine 70's Artrock songstructures with the violence of the 90's, to form a new homogeneous whole.Their music gets its special appeal from the interaction between the two guitars as well as from the melodic bass lines. The unusual leadvocals give the 7 to 10 minute compositions their originality.
During their live gigs SILENT LUCIDITY could prove that despite its complex structures this type of music, full of atmospheric depth, does not necessarily lead to a complete lack of understanding on the side of the audience. The band rather established its own fan community out of listeners from various musicstyles and agegroups. SILENT LUCIDITY's debut album "Positive As Sound" presents their kind of progressive metal to a larger group of listeners.
1995 longhorn 5
Debuting with their first home made, self titled demo tape and concerts in 1993 the band quickly found numerous supporters. The following first "real" band release "Brightness Falls" (1995) helped SILENT LUCIDITY sign a four year / 2 CD contract with Peter Wustmann's WMMS - Music is Intelligence label in 1995. Recording at Hansi Fuchs's ROXANNE studio in Leonberg the band took the chance to make their dream of a modern German progmetal album come true. With the help of engineer Davide Piai's and co producer Hansi Fuchs's dedication "Positive as Sound" could be released in 1996 gaining a lot of positive feedback in printed and online fanzines. Again, SiILENT LUCIDITY proved that modern song structures and lengthy tracks did not have to necessarily daunt listeners.
Although SILENT LUCIDITY had the possibility to release a second CD via WMMS they decided not to take that chance because of the somewhat problematic support by their label. When they had finished songwriting for a second full-time CD in 1998 they decided to go back to their roots. "Like in old days" they started recording first tracks in their "lucid home studios". Regrettably this coincided with Andi Jäger's starting ailment. So the recording sessions for their second CD "The Closing of a Day" could never get finished. The five tracks, including a Depeche Mode cover, now can only be heard on their "Live in Bayreuth" bootleg taken from a SVHS video's sound track recorded during one of their last gigs on 28 January 2000.
While the rest of the band still hoped for Andi's recovering his worsening physical condition led to his much too early death in 2015. Although SILENT LUCIDITY never split up, a reunion or return of that early offspring of German progmetal was made impossible.

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There are still some items you might be intersted in … starting with SILENT LUCIDITY's first "real" recording, the "Brightness Falls" demo dating back to 1995, of course the "Positive as Sound" CD from 1996 and some Ts with SILENT LUCIDITY logo on front and Emily Dickinson's "narcotics cannot still …" poem extract on the back. Don't forget … there are some very 12-track rare bootlegs from one of the band's last shows in Bayreuth, coloured in violet, blue, green, orange or red.
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Brightness Falls


Positive as Sound




Live in Bayreuth
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Please keep in mind that these are only leftovers. They are sold when sold. No new items will be produced since SILENT LUCIDITY as band does not exist anymore.

reviews | reception and criticism

“Silent Lucidity sind auf dem Weg so richtig gut zu werden. ...ich denke, mit “Positive As Sound” hat man den Grundstein für die Karriere gelegt.”
Progressive Pages
“The tracks are very well constructed and varied within themselves, and the atmospheres created are a vital part of each track”.
First Light
“Aber weit davon entfernt, eine billige Kopie zu sein, stellen Silent Lucidity eine Bereicherung im Plattenschrank eines jeden Progrock-Fans dar.”
INTRO Musikmagazin
“It ́s unbelievable that this german band does not have a major label deal. This cd is great in the meaning of sound, playing skills and its perfectly exciting compositions. No matter if you want progrock, artrock, straight groovin ́ action or atmospheric progmetal... you ́ll get all in this cd!”
“Die Jungs liefern auf ihrem Debut “Positive As Sound” einen reife Progressive Metal ab, der sowohl in den oft ruhigen Instrumentalpassagen, als auch in Verbindung mit dem Gesang, den Hörer durch seine Atmosphäre zu fesseln versteht ...”
“Where most bands of this nature tend to over play and glut their material with technicality and unfinished themes, Silent Lucidity choose to explore their ideas to there fullest potential, making each composition a complete, and thorough listening experience.”
Musically Incorrect
... Mit "Positive as Sound" gehören Silent Lucidity zweifellos zu den begnadetsten Progressiv-Rock/Metal-Bands in Deutschland. Die Band versteht es einfach perfekt, Artrockeinflüsse mit metallischer Härte zu verbinden und obendrein mit einem originellen Sänger zu glänzen. Silent Lucidity mit passenden Worten anzupreisen fällt mir mit jedem erneuten hören der CD immer schwerer, man muß die Musik einfach selbst gehört haben. Ganz besonders gut gefällt mir das ausgefeilte Gitarrenspiel welches in dieser Art und Weise wirklich nur noch äußerst selten zu hören ist...
Imagine a heavy mixture between Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Queen, Queensryche and Rush with many mood and tempo changes. The result is actually a quite unique sound, not really comparable to the mass of prog metal bands today. ... I say that the guitarists themselves makes this album worth a listen. ... The tracks are long and ranges from 7:30-10:40 minutes. Although their length they are quite varied with a lot of nice melodies.
Through Different Eyes, Midwestern Skies and Sonitus
... so daß "Positive as Sound" ein Optimum an "Power & Progressive" freigibt...
The Circle Nr.4
...ProgMetal erster Sahne ... die fünf Songs vorliegender Debut-CD versetzen den Hörer in andere Sphären. ...die Jungs ... könnten zum nächsten großen Stern auf Deutschlands Prog-Himmel werden
Marterpfahl Nr .4
“.... it ́s nice to see some bands coming up with their own sound and that ́s exactly what Silent Lucidity have done.”
...un metal progressif inspiré et éclatant. La structure des cinq morceaux proposés alterne le chaud et le froid avec une aisance stupéfiante pour un premier album. C'est la symbiose des deux genres qui culmine très haut dans le ciel du heavy progressif.
Harmonie Magazine N° 31
“Das Album “Positive As Sound” bringt anspruchsvolle und intelligente Rockmusik, die sich schwer zu den üblichen Metal-Klischees fügen läßt. Puristen werden die Nase rümpfen, die Luftgitarre einpacken und die Matte woanders schwingen. Aber die anderen werden bleiben, hinhören und nach mehr verlangen.”
Sindelfinger Zeitung
Neben den vom Demotape bekannten Stücken gibt's mit "A different view" ein Prog-Metal-Highlight allererster Sahne! Besonders die ausgefeilte Gitarrenarbeit von Volker Zeeb und Joachim Reichl weiß zu gefallen...
Sophisticated Rock Magazine Nr.33
“Es ist schon fast zu schön, daß der deutsche Untergrund eine solche Band beheimatet. Um so ärgerlicher, daß der Band noch kein Major Deal gelang, denn ein solcher ist meiner Meinung nach längst überfällig.”
“Technische Perfektion (sowohl in Bezug auf die Beherrschung der Instrumente, als auch auf den Sound), schlüssige und packende Songs...kurzum: Eine Scheibe, die mehr verdient hat, als nur das Mauerblümchen des deutschen Prog-Untergrunds zu sein.”
... Die Debut-CD "Positive as Sound" der 1990 gegründeten Formation besticht dann auch durch 5 athmosphärische Tracks der Extraklasse. Das genretypische Gedudel entfällt weitgehend, dafür bringen die sauber gespielten und kompetent arrangierten Songs viel Gefühl und Wärme rüber. Und sind im positiven Sinne sehr eingängig, will sagen, das Zuhören macht Spass, nicht Mühe...
LIFT Stuttgart
Düstere, wie auch ruhige Passagen, Breaks und komplexe Arrangements zeigen die deutliche Verwurzelung zum Progressive Rock. ...ein überdurchschnittliches ProgMetal Album.
Progressive Newsletter Nr.15
Die ... Debut-CD ... besticht...durch fünf atmosphärische Songs der Extraklasse. ...bringen die sauber gespielten und kompetent arrangierten Songs viel Gefühl und Wärme rüber. ...eine Bereicherung im Plattenschrank jedes Progrock-Fans...
INTRO Musikmagazin
Insgesamt ist "Positive As Sound" eine tendenziell ruhigere Scheibe mit etlichen überzeugenden Ausbrüchen, gerade die zahlreichen Tempo- und Dynamikwechsel verführen dazu, sie beinahe kontemplativ zu hören […]. Es ist die Sorte Platte, die man […] bedenkenlos viermal hintereinander hören kann und bei der man auch beim fünften Mal noch Neues entdeckt.
Their complex prog metal is mixed with heavy metal and 70's art- and progressive rock on this debut album. Imagine a heavy mixture between Megadeth, Pink Floyd, Queen, Queensryche and Rush with many mood and tempo changes. The result is actually a quite unique sound, not really comparable to the mass of prog metal bands today. The guitarists are quite good both on the riffs and on the solos, and it often becomes rather intricate. I say that the guitarists themselves makes this album worth a listen.
"Walls Of Silence", é a melhor das cinco presentes em "Positive As Sound" e merece uma 'audição especial'.
Os alemães são bons e têm futuro […]
a real prog metal release, without power metal influences or other genres, like bands from today. This sounding like Sieges Even around A sense of change with of course Queensryche, the result is great. Lenghty pieces, technical most of the time but with melodic lines added, nice guitar chops and a fantastic voice of Joachim Reichl who remind me a lot of Michael Sadler from canadians Saga.
photos | official ones and concert snapshots

Promo photos for Positive as Sound were taken by Achim Binder.

contact | famous last words

If you are interested in more facts about SILENT LUCIDITY or want to know what the remaining band members are doing now please feel free to contact the band.

The same applies if you like to get one of the remaining copies of "Positive as Sound", "Brightness Falls", the "Live in Bayreuth bootleg" or one of the blue Ts.

In times of modern media SILENT LUCIDITY have not been spared by illegal YouTube copies of their songs.
Check their music out online, but if you like their songs, please support working musicians and creatives and buy their music.

Listen to their complete album "Positive as Sound" on youtube … if you like it - buy it!


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