SILENT LUCIDITY's merchandising stuff!


Our dream is to sell lawnmowers with SILENT LUCIDITY-Logos on the blades and a world-wide distribution of opaque SILENT LUCIDITY-Sunglasses with a laser gun as well as several types of chainsaws.

Untill that day comes we will just sell common things - our Demo-Tapes, our CD and T-SHIRTS!!!!!!!


Here's how to buy:

Just write a note to our sales-distribution-manager (in short: our drummer) at the following address:


Here's what to buy:

Logo with Bandname and Title of CD: "Positive As Sound" 
Bandname and "Narcotics cannot still the tooth that nibbles at the soul" 
Colour: Marine;    available in L and XL 

And here are the prices for these unpayable treasures (incl. p&p):
World / Overseas 
Demo-Tape "Brightness Falls"
10 DM 
13 DM 
13 US $ 
CD "Positive as Sound"
25 DM 
28 DM 
25 US $ 
Silent Lucidity T-Shirt
30 DM 
33 DM 
30 US $ 
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