King of Paris

heavy thoughts were in the air
tension close
blue clouds were drifting by
as they met once
some great things are going to happen
I was told
things beyond compare
when a king will rise from the dust
to reign over a billion fears
but they're not quite sure who it willbe

could you tell the void from the silence
could you bring peace to your restlessheart
would you carry on racing against
those imaginary shadows
running faster and faster and faster andfaster
what will be if this soap-opera is ended
if the curtain is closed by the audience
if the music stops and lights fade
could you still respect yourself

imagine a time and a place
within heavy breath
an artificial world built of your
own crumbling phrases
a solar system before the supernovae
wouldn't you hold on
to share it's dawn

I entered this theater
stripped of all knowledge
looking forward for the games they'd play
found a seat in the first row,
but all alone in there
and now it's getting dark,
too dark to see

a chemical reaction had taken place,
started it's dangerous journey
to conquer his mind to blow it up
now the walls are walking towards him
a green shadow bullets the sky,
sun fades away to the east
and his courage curls up inside
the only escape from this aching witness
was to make the levee break
now the water flows into the valley,
to cover up all these words once spoken
just a little breakdown a little graytalking
now walking the thin line skating on thinice
remembrance hurries up to see the light,
and there's noone left, except...

so wasn't it a nice show this evening
I'm not quite sure maybe it was more
what about success and all the people
the audience pleased director appeased
I think this show will go on with allthe consequences
and all the actors will understand
that they're gonna pay the rent

just one day may turn your mind
it's maybe my last try to encourage you
take the long and winding road up to thehill
and you won't come down anymore

Music: Silent Lucidity
Lyrics: Andi

Running time: 7:30

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