A little INFO about Silent Lucidity 

The story of the band began in 1990, when Joachim Reichl and Jens-Christoph Maurer got together to realize their unusual ideas of music. After a long search for musicians who have the same musical ideas as well as matching personalities the current line-up has been playing together since 1992. SILENT LUCIDITY, the name they originally chose for this project and which expresses their thoughts and beliefs best, is still the band name today.  

The band offers an uncommon Progressive Metal, constantly developing in new musical directions. In addition the demanding lyrics represent an important part of the music. SILENT LUCIDITY combine 70's Artrock songstructures - untypical for Metal - with the violence of the 90's, to form a new homogeneous whole.Their music gets its special appeal from the interaction between the two guitars as well as from the melodic bass lines. The unusual leadvocals give the 7 to 10 minute compositions their originality.    

During their live gigs SILENT LUCIDITY could prove that despite its complex structures this type of music, full of atmospheric depth, does not necessarily lead to a complete lack of understanding on the side of the audience. The band rather established its own fan community out of listeners from various musicstyles and agegroups. SILENT LUCIDITY's debut album "Positive As Sound" presents their kind of progressive metal to a larger group of listeners.  

International B&W Bandinformation sheet (PDF) to Positive As Sound (131 KB)

New full colour Bandinformation sheet (PDF) - only German! (319 KB)




Andreas Jäger - Bass & Trombone

Jens-Christoph Maurer - Drums

Joachim Reichl - Guitars & Vocals

Volker Zeeb - Guitars & Mandolins


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Last modified: 22.05.2000