Gigs & Activities of Silent Lucidity
The songwriting for our new CD is going well. Until now we have finished 4 songs which will be called "In Vain", "Upon these sacrifices", "The Closing of a day" and "Alone". If you want to take a sneak look you can listen to some short cuts we recorded live in Bayreuth. By the end of March we will be starting to record the new material in our home studios. So be prepared - this will take some time!

Finally, our new homepage is online! To be honest - the homepage isn't new. But the adress is! We got a domain of our own and therefore some things have changed. The main thing - our new mail-adresses:


Depending on what you like - to order something or to get in contact with us - simply mail to these adresses. 

Newsletter: If You would like to get informed about new Dates and Events please mail us, calling the subject of your mail:



Next Gig

nothing planned at the moment

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Last modified: 27.03.2000